Terror Threat Al Shabaab

al shabaab logo Terror Threat Al ShabaabMedal of Honor Warfighter creates dotted lines to real world events by featuring real world terror threats in the game. The action focuses on hotspots around the world often overlooked by the media.

Loosely translated as “The Youth,” Al-Shabaab is a Somali Islamic militant group. The group’s size is estimated at 8,000 to 12,000 members. The group’s principal membership consists of young men and teenage boys conscripted into terrorism from local clans in the area. Al-Shabaab is made up of two primary groups; a minority of foreign fighters with a global extremist agenda and a majority of clan-based Somali’s that seek to control Somali interests.

Al-Shabaab forces control a significant portion of southern Somalia and its surrounding coast in Medal of Honor 2. Through intimidation, murder, and brutal interpretation of Sharia law, Al-Shabaab professes to waging a jihad against the “enemies of Islam,” including national agencies and foreign aid organizations operating in Somalia. The organization has clear ties to global terrorist networks, most directly linked to Al-Qaeda.

Somalia is part of the Horn of Africa, located at the eastern-most part of the continent. The country sits on the Gulf of Aden, impacting international shipping lanes through the region. Since civil upheaval in 1991, Somalia has largely been a lawless state, operating without an officially recognized government. The situation is made worse due to widespread famine which requires outside aid from nations, escalating friction with Somali groups.
somalia map Terror Threat Al ShabaabSomali Piracy
Piracy around the waters of Somalia originated as a protectionist response to illegal fishing by foreign groups along the Somali coast. With no government oversight, this situation quickly degenerated into privateering, hostage taking and murder. Governments sent in naval units to protect their vital shipping interests in the regions, resulting in frequent clashes with the pirates. The most notable of these incidents involved the USS Bainbridge in a sniper battle on open waters.
Medal of Honor Warfighter creates dotted lines to real world events, tasking Tier 1 Operators with combating the Al-Shabaab terrorist threat on Somilia’s high seas, on the trail of the deadly PETN explosive.

Medal of Honor Warfighter is available October 23

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